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JACKPOT (dutch version)

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Are you curious about the purpose of life? Do you want to give your life more meaning and value? Let yourself be inspired by a very true story...


Are you ready for your ultimate dream life? Tamara has been called 'the living secret'. Are you curious why people say this? Order your own 'Jackpot' NOW & live your dream life! 


Ordered before 2:00 pm*, delivered tomorrow...

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Insight copy book


Jackpot, The Key to Inner Wealth


If anything were possible, and time and money were no longer an obstacle, what would your ideal life look like? Jackpot is an inner compass, directing you to realising your dream life. 


Are you fit and looking to stay healthy? Or are you chronically ill, and have you lost the belief you'll ever be able to recover? Do you think your health is related to misfortune or good luck? Or do you feel like perfect health is only possible for others? Are you searching for happiness in love? What is your notion of ultimate happiness in love? Imagine if from now on you could be happy in love, and never experience feelings of loneliness and desolation again? Nor suffer from another intense heartbreak?


Do you want to be successful in every aspect of your life? And be praised for the successes that you have already achieved, whatever area that may be in? No more fear of failure or other uncertainties to hinder you. Doesn't that sound spectacular? Do you want to experience greater inner peace, or find better ways to deal with stress? Perhaps you feel like you're not using your talents as you should, and might get even more out of your life? How to become a source of inspiration for others and contribute to a better world? If so, then this is the book for you.


Imagine all your dreams come true, how rich would you feel then?


Jackpot is your key to better luck, health and success. It teaches you how to regain control of your own life. My true story will lead you on a path of inner discovery, providing you insights into the parallels between life and the universe. It will take self-examination, courage and guts to take charge of your own life. Are you ready for your inner game? The game called life? Let's play!





Jackpot is the true story of a woman who, despite persistent opposition from those around her, remains true to herself and dares to go her own way. A fascinating and incredibly inspiring book about how to manifest the life that you dream of. Esmir van Wering, author and journalist


Jackpot is a very open, moving yet also humorous story, in which Tamara shares her life lessons in an enjoyable manner. Filled with special stories from her eventful life as well as practical tips, it penetrates you with questions. If you truly have the guts to allow the questions of this book to confront you, you will discover new insights that take you closer to your ideal life. It’s not for everyone, but for those who dare, this book is the actual Jackpot. Robert Schulze, founding partner GrowthFactory




By buying the book 'Jackpot, The Key to Inner Wealth' you support the foundation 'Kenya Child Care', a rescue center for children who have been put on the street as garbage. You also contribute to a sustainable world. The book is made of stone paper and leaf paper, paper made of gravel and agricultural waste.



Media exposure

TelegraafOmroep BrabantNPO radio 5RTL NieuwsHart van Nederlandtalkshow Kraak,

Pioneers MagazineFlairWendyNederlands Dagbladindebuurt-TilburgMijn geheim

Algemeen DagbladSteenrijk/StraatarmBrabants DagbladTelegraaf VROUWJinekPsychologie magazineVivaVerhalensmeders, PortereneeAD,

Puur Mindset Academy, APG



About the author

Tamara Straatman has been working as NLP coach, trainer and speaker for over 10 years. She studied NLP, studied Quantum Physics and Epi genetics, and follows training courses all over the world from Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham, Toniic and Simone Levie. 


Tamara is known from Flair, Vriendin, Viva, Paraview, RTL nieuws, GezondNU, Telegraaf VROUW, Margriet, Omroep Brabant, BNR nieuwsradio, Mijn Geheim, Pioneersmagazine, RTV Noord-Holland, Goodhabitz, Santé, AD, Metro, Koffietijd, Editie NL, Grazia, Trouw, Parool, Libelle Balance, Zij Spreekt, NICE congress. 


She once weighed 97 kilos, was severely depressed and suffered from all kinds of chronic physical illnesses. She also had a very low self-esteem, fear of failure, bad relationships both in love and friendship and had few business successes.


By tackling all her uncertainties, feelings of guilt, frustrations, fears, shame and sadness with NLP coaching, all 'complaints' disappeared spontaneously from her life. Purely by clearing her (unconscious) obstacles, she could easily let go of these negative feelings. Now she is intensely happy, in perfect health and has many business successes. 


And now she shares her expertise with you! 💚



Stone paper

Jackpot is made of stone paper. Yeah, really. Paper made of stone. This sustainable, tree-free paper alternative consists of 80% limestone that is thrown away from quarries and is therefore a waste. The limestone is combined with 20% HDPE (high density polyethylene), a recycled type-2 plastic. This process results in a 67% lower carbon footprint in production.


Most of the pages in this book are made of leaf paper. This is exactly the same as traditional paper, but made from 100% agricultural waste. This means that no trees are cut down for the production of this paper. The use of this waste material results in a 47% lower total ecological footprint. Also, no bleach is used in the production of leaf paper.

All our books are made in the Netherlands and meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. This includes printing with vegetable oil-based inks and solar panels on the roof of our printers.


There are a lot of good reasons why you should read a book made of stone or leaf paper. These are just a few of them:

  • A lot of trees are saved, because the book only consists of 100% tree-free paper;
  • We save a lot of water, because the book doesn't need a drop of water to be produced;
  • Stone paper is waterproof, so the cover (and the note section) can withstand a rain shower or a glass of drinking that is tampered with;
  • We also skip bleaching paper: Stone paper is naturally white and leaf paper pages are not bleached;
  • We support several 'Sustainable Development Goals' as well as the 'Kenya Child Care' foundation, which means we are committed to making a positive impact on society;
  • Waste materials are used to make Jackpot: discarded limestone for the stone paper and agricultural waste that would be burned for the leaf paper;
  • The carbon footprint of stone paper and leaf paper is much smaller than that of traditional substitutes.


What is what?


The cover is made of 'stone paper'


The inside is a combination of 'leaf paper' (agricultural waste) and 'stone paper' (gravel)

  • inside (story) = 'leafpaper'
  • inside (photos) = 'stonepaper'
  • inside (notes) = 'stonepaper'
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That's my biggest dream, the little girl's big dream in me. A dream that makes me humble, but also determined in. This is my mission. That makes me a Striber!

Stribe is a combination of tribe and strive. The pursuit of a better world cannot be achieved by your own, you need a community for that.

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    Frank 8/29/2020
    Dit boek lezen zou voor iedereen een verrijking zijn. Ik ben geen ondernemer maar haal er heel veel uit. En ervaar ook herkenning. Het leest prettig en maakt veel in je los. Het sluit ook perfect aan op de populaire boeken van Hans Peter Roel en Mark Verhees. Lees het, ontdek de sleutel, en je zult merken dat jij en je omgeving er baat bij hebben. Bedankt voor je openheid en veel succes Tamara. Gr Frank.
    Jackpot leest als een trein. Mooi hoe Tamara’s levensverhaal gecombineerd worden met reflectievragen. Respect voor Tamara hoe ze toepast wat ze leert en haar pad kiest in het leven.
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