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Tamara Straatman, Stribe

Stribe is an impact community where investors, entrepreneurs and consumers connect with each other. We offer a sustainable marketplace, an academy and impact investment.

So we can change the world together, in a more sustainable and friendly place to live our happy lives.

"When I'm 35, I'm a millionaire." I had this vision when I was 27. Many people thought I was crazy, some even saw me as ridiculous. With that vision I also saw all kinds of business plans, big plans to make the world a better place. I went looking for financing, I knocked on the door of both banks and crowdfunding platforms. I was always told the same thing, they believed in me as an entrepreneur, but not in my plans. They knew that passion and inspiration are the basis for successful entrepreneurship, but they did not (yet) see the market.

The next logical interpretation in realizing my dreams was John de Mol. Like me, he is a visionary, he would understand the grandeur of my plans. In addition, he also has the financial opportunities to invest, he has a large stage to offer and I have a special story to tell. My head had it all figured out, unfortunately reality turned out to be a bit different. I was very successful as an NLP coach, trainer and speaker. I have given many media interviews about my own bizarre results of personal development. How mindset relates to happiness, health and success in life.

World peace, it’s in our hands.

I have coached many people who have faced various problems for years, now made great leaps within a few sessions, where other disciplines were unsuccessful. I also gave training to private groups such as girlfriend groups with the Psycheparty, I gave training and lectures in business, at schools and I spoke at a medical conference. In addition, I made an online TV show UNTOLD, without any knowledge of directing or presenting, but with particularly fascinating topics that mainly open your eyes in the medical field. And I had an ECO beauty drugstore, an online webshop with organic skin care, make-up and high-quality nutritional supplements.

In those years I did a lot of research on Quantum Physics and Epi Genetics. Quantum Physics is a scientific direction, discovered by Albert Einstein, and is about how people's subconscious mind, how it controls and shapes everything in life. Everything consists of energy and everything is connected energetically. Epi Genetics is a scientific direction that examines heredity and assumes that 97% of all heredity has nothing to do with heredity, but everything with copying behavior from your environment.

I also followed many master classes in the field of business, marketing and media, so that I was not only successful in my field; The knowledge about mindset in relation to happiness, health and success. And how you can shape your life by applying this knowledge. But I also managed to reach the media successfully, also to engage in various activities, without having a traditional education or a large budget for this.

So far, my story.

Meanwhile, I was almost 35 years old and my vision was not yet realized or within reach. I didn't understand it. Had I seen it wrong after all ?! But I knew this is about to happen, just like all the predictions that have now become reality. I just had no idea how! I finally succeeded, not with John de Mol, but in a way that no one had thought possible. If you want to know how, read my book. The moment I became a millionaire, I immediately knew, my business plans do not lead me to this. But the other way around!

Now I could make my dreams come true.

I immediately felt a very strong drive. The world is run by money. And we as consumers have more influence than we can ever imagine. We humans are the solution to worldly problems, not our political leaders, we as consumers have this special task. Our consumer behavior can contribute to a better world. We can consume products and/ or services that fulfill our needs, do no harm, or even better, produce something positive. I as a consumer, cannot change the world on my own. We stand strong together, you and I, together we form.

And we cannot exist if there are no fantastic entrepreneurs who are taking care of our needs. These entrepreneurs also need financing in order to grow or start. These new companies are young companies that are often not yet financially independent, but do serve the market demand, because fortunately I am no longer the only one who believes in this and the demand for sustainable products and services is growing explosively.

That is why we not only offer a marketplace, but also a financing section within our impact community 'Stribe'. For both crowdfunders and private investors, we offer the opportunity to invest in these fantastic companies that make the world a better place together with us. I also realized that I do not have all the money in the world, so we need each other here.

Together we can change the world.

Affiliated with all kinds of networks such as; investor at PYMWYMIC, a Dutch impact fund; member of Toniic, an international network of impact investors; platinum member at Tony Robbins, the world's best business coach and member at Simone Levie's Golden Circle, a Dutch business coach. Here I learn a lot of new strategies, which we also share with our own community. From my own experience I know that mindset and knowledge go hand in hand. One cannot be successful without the other.

That is why we focus on both. Within our community we provide all kinds of training, both on a personal level, as well as business and investment training. I may have the opportunity to fly all over the world, to learn from the world's best trainers, not everyone can afford this. Not in time, in money or both. And we want to make the world smaller in this. So that all people in our community, whether you are a consumer, entrepreneur or investor, have equal opportunities to be successful in all facets of life.

My biggest dream

My biggest dream is to make 'Stribe' an international success. That we create a whole wave of impact consuming, learning and investing. That we will be a publicly traded company in a number of years that will not only offer impactful products and services, but also create impact indoors through our way of conducting business. To be a safe and pleasant place for our employees, in which we encourage them to take effective leadership so that we can create the best version of ourselves. That is essential to achieve these great plans.

On the way to our success, we support the 'Kenya Child Care' foundation. This is an organization in Kenya that offers home to orphans aged 0-18 years. This big dream, 'Stribe' as an international success, is accompanied by even more philanthropy. Nothing seems more beautiful to me than that. Build a legacy like other big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Apple. But then a sustainable version. A company that not only offers impactful products and services, but also handles impactful business operations and also makes a major commitment to philanthropy.

That's my biggest dream, the little girl's big dream in me. A dream that makes me humble, but also determined in. This is my mission, my goal in life. That makes me a Striber! Stribe is a combination of tribe and strive. The pursuit of a better world cannot be achieved by your own, you need a community for that. That's why I give my passion and dedication to 'Stribe'. Are you helping to build our dream?

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