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Are you a private investor or crowdfunder?
Are you looking for opportunities to invest? And do you want to achieve ecological returns in addition to financial returns? We offer both crowdfunding and private investment, so that every wallet can invest in great projects.Β 

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Put your money where your heart is

You wish:

πŸ’š you want to invest but in addition to making a return, also be ecologically responsible, because financial returns without being ecologically responsible are guaranteed long-term loss

πŸ’š you want to invest but do not always get the most relevant or interesting propositions for you, so you lose a lot of valuable time and you would like to do this differently

πŸ’š you want to invest but have little experience with investing, or you would like to expand your knowledge and experience in this

We offer:

πŸ’š interesting propositions where the basic principle, in addition to financial return, is always supporting 1 or more SGD goals as the first criteria

πŸ’š propositions that connect seamlessly to your stated interests, in an online secure environment, so that you only spend your precious time on relevant investment options and work in an interactive time-saving manner that is also cost-effective

πŸ’š good guidance in learning to screen propositions, so that you make independent and responsible choices that contribute to a business success

The (desired) reality

πŸ’š You own money, savings or other assets. You want your money to pay off and you know that the bank is not an option. You also find it exciting to invest your money, because it does not offer you security. Still, investing seems fun, a good and smart idea. You have heard many others about it and you dream of your own success story. You want to own shares, from a company that is doing great in the market. The company is growing and growing. You are proud that you are part of this success, after all you have bet on the right horse. It gives you confidence and satisfaction.

πŸ’š You already have a bit more experience with investing, but do not always make the right choices in your investments. You find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, to have the gold in your hands. Sometimes you find it exciting and scary, you would like to be sure that you make the right decisions and would also like to discuss this with like-minded people. This gives you more insights and enriches your knowledge. You would also like to learn more ins and outs about investing, you absorb all the knowledge that is needed to make better choices in all your investments. No matter how big or small they may be, you are going for success!

πŸ’š You are experienced in investing or would like to be experienced in investing. You want to be able to give good advice to your already made or future investments. You want to know what you're talking about. You are a good sparring partner, a walking encyclopedia, a good advisor. You will also be respected by fellow investors because in addition to having all the knowledge and wisdom, you have also made very successful investments. They know you have a nose for it. You rarely make a mistake. You dare to trust your intuition and your knowledge. Together they bring you good luck.

We help you to prevent this ...

❌ You have not yet made any investments, or perhaps a few, and have not yet achieved real success. You find it very difficult to make the right choices. You doubt your own judgment and need a lot of help from others. You are fed up with your own insecurity and lack of guts. You know that investing, small or large investments, brings you more than leaving the money in the bank, but you don't (yet) really dare. You could use a little more guidance in this, but you may also find it difficult to ask experts for help.

❌ You have already made a single investment, but are still looking for the right network and the right people around you. You know that forming a community, people with the same vision and mission, is important and incredibly valuable. But it still turns out to be very difficult to find people with the noses in the same direction. People are often closed when it comes to sharing, especially failure to achieve success and the road to success. You would like to have a buddy, insights and knowledge to help you make better choices.

❌ You have already made some investments, some very successful, others a little less. You have already found a community of like-minded people, but you still miss an essential need. Namely sharing and learning valuable knowledge. You want to learn from the best, but your community is made up of people who have the same amount of knowledge, so not all of your questions and needs are met. You have the feeling that things are slipping through your fingers and you know that this does not have to happen, that frustrates you. If only I had the right knowledge! Then I shouldn't have been on the blisters now. Sometimes you are (too) strict with yourself, but it has always brought you where you need to be. Good for you, not good enough. You always go for the best!

We offer you

πŸ’š A mailing of targeted propositions that match your previously indicated interests, so that you only invest time in propositions that are relevant to you! All our propositions have been screened and will only end up in your mailbox, as they see that they have a good financing plan from A to Z. This way we avoid wasting precious time and we want to make investing a lot more efficient and fun for you.

With the results πŸ’š

  • More interesting and targeted propositions
  • More time (and money) left for other things
  • Crowdfunding, as well as private investment opportunities
  • More return as the bank, with the right investments
  • Propositions that represent one or more SDG goals, so both economic and ecological returns


πŸ’š A community of crowdfunders or private investors, so that you can connect with each other, share wisdom through all kinds of communication options, follow free learnings and watch videos, so that you get the most effectiveness and return from both the platform and your already investments made or future. You end up in a warm bath in which you can ask all questions, all successes, but also share the less beautiful success stories.

With the results πŸ’š

  • More insights, more knowledge and more wealth
  • Make better choices in your investments
  • Like-minded people who are your sparring partners
  • Network of peer to peers, friends for life
  • Openness and transparency seem to be more successful


πŸ’š An academy for you as an investor in which you will find all the ins and outs, to enrich your knowledge optimally so that you learn to invest successfully and know how to find the gems for yourself. Knowledge gathered by the best trainers, entrepreneurs and investors in the world. A library of valuable knowledge is directly at your disposal. Insights that you have always wanted to know exist. Insights that had saved you a lot of suffering. Insights that had brought you great success.

With the results πŸ’š

  • Being a good sparring partner for your propositions
  • Be a good advisor to your sparring partners
  • Make even better choices in your investments
  • See opportunities you didn't see before
  • Be incredibly successful by trusting yourself

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Tamara & Ronnie, Chiefs of the Stribe

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